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Serpent Pictures is a small movie making group from Nastola, Finland. It was founded in the summer of 2003, during the filming of Star Wars Episode 1½: Dark Forces Rising (DFR for short) a fan movie set inbetween episodes one and two.

We are only a few people for now working actively on projects, with a number of guest stars. Most of our productions have concentrated on action with dialog playing a major role in taking the story forward.

Aki Ahonen

Aki Ahonen is the moral leader of Serpent Pictures, having claimed the Producer credit for, filmed and directed every production so far. Also acted in every production so far, and taken part in scripting of each. He is also the webmaster for this site.

Latest roles:
  • Rat Trap: Olli
  • The Autumn Project: Thief
  • Bored of the Rings: Goodgulf, Arrowroot, Gimlet
  • Dark Forces Rising: Sidma Degail
Joni Ahonen

Joni Ahonen is our comedy guy, assistant camera operator, co-producer and co-leader. He also parttakes in writing the screenplays and does quality control over the comedy factor in the scripts.

Latest roles:
  • Rat Trap: Arto
  • The Autumn Project: Boss
  • Bored of the Rings: Orlon, Legolam, Moxie
  • Dark Forces Rising: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Tommi Kivistö

Tommi Kivistö does mainly acting, screenplay writing and music. He's the newest of the active members and didn't take part in the production of DFR. He also has a minor role as an assistant website technician.

Latest roles:
  • Rat Trap: Harri
  • The Autumn Project: Tommi
Hannu Lång

Hannu Lång is an all-purpose actor. He's been in every production so far. He ofter gets cast in roles others do not want or cannot perform, such as one where the character is required to dress up as a woman.

Latest roles:
  • Rat Trap: Lehtinen
  • The Autumn Project: Hannu
  • Bored of the Rings: Frito, Bromosel, Benelux
  • Dark Forces Rising: Darth Sidious, Hrigh Yaul

You can contact Serpent Pictures through our discussion forum on the English discussion board or by e-mail at


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